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Recently you will have read the first two of Fluidzone's 'Tahitian Ten' interview series. In both these interviews, the first with Tahurai Henry and the second with David Tuarau, we discussed the new move to come out of Tahiti, developed primarily by David, the Gainer Flip (GF). Eric Schnitzler is one of the few people to have a still frame sequence of this and has shared the images with us to better give an idea of what the move involves. These are in the gallery.

To help you understand the move better, here is David Tuarau's description, along with podcast timings from Eric Schnitzler:

David Tuarau's description:
"Concerning the "Gainer Flip" So take the drop, bottom turn, set-up, get your speed, eye the air section, hit it and turn 90 degrees to the right so you're facing the shore, (as it's a left) and then put your head way back as if you were doing a backflip, and then... just let the rotation flow until you land"

Eric Schnitzler podcast timings (podcast address is Eric writes:
"As far as time logs, the best completed gainers that have been filmed, I'd have to say were at 3:15, 3:50, 4:01 (can't see landing but he did land it) and 4:09, (probably the most radical one, although he didn't land it). I know his best ones he's ever done have gone un-filmed/photographed".

Eric further describes:
The gainer is actually a legitimate move outside of bodyboarding. A gainer flip is when you do a backflip jumping forward, kind of like when people do backflips off cliffs but are jumping forward. Here's a link that shows a perfect example of where it comes from It took us a while to come up with this name. It started out as "What The Fuck", then Marcus Rodrigues from SURGE films kept calling David "The Iguana", so we called it the "Iguana Flip" then he came up with the name, "Gainer Flip" which ended up being the perfect name for it.

Today I wrote to Craig Hadden, enquiring if the GF (Gainer Flip) would fall under the IBA's new move criteria and what it would be judged on. Here is what Craig (Head judge of the IBA) had to say:

"Thank you so much for bringing David's move to my attention. I have watched the clip a number of times now and I do believe that it looks very functional. I will be speaking to our top riders in Hawaii and will be asking Simon directly about the move. (Simon Thornton will be judging at the Hawaii Pipe comp)

Our judging criteria was amended last year to take into account future moves and this fit's nicely into the new criteria. (The move that prompted the update was Sam Bennetts invert to reverse at the Box.) The rewording of the criteria is as follows:

Updated Judging Criteria in Point Form
• A rider must perform radical controlled maneuvers in the critical section/s of a wave with Speed, Power and Flow to maximize their scoring potential.

• Innovative/Technical riding as well as variety of repertoire (maneuvers) and single major moves will be taken into account when rewarding points for waves ridden.

• Multiple aerial maneuvers with a high degree of difficulty with attract the highest possible scores if completed cleanly.

• The rider who meets these criteria and executes maneuvres with the maximum 
degree of difficulty and commitment on their waves shall be rewarded with 
the highest scores."

So there we have it, you could be looking at the evolvement of a new move for future IBA competitions and you're seeing it right from the start. Our sport, our passion is evolving, getting even more exciting. 
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Rider: David Tuarau
Photographer: Eric Schnitzler