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In: Fluidzone Focus 0 Comments Photographer Matt Brockie Wed 2nd May '12
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Matt Brockie and Elliot Williams recently ventured a little South to a pumping reef. Matt writes:

"Hey Doc, Been a few waves around. I shot a reef on Sunday with only a handful out. We were joined by Mick Fanning and a few other ski's towing in. This meant the boogers were left to pick off what the ski's didn't take. Here's a sequence of Elliot Williams from the session. The Ski's let this one slip through leaving Elliot to scrape into it at the last second. It ended up closing out, and he made the right option to bail, but it kinda looks makeable from the early frames."

We love a good story at Fluidzone, it always adds to the vibe of the shots and Brockie always has one. He doesn't care if you're famous or not, as long as you have the figs to go and see how it works out from there. Props to the riders like Elliot who take the call and charge anyway. They're waves that hinge in your memory for a lifetime.

Photos// Matt Brockie