In The Mix Flashback Fridays - Paul Roach, all American hero

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Born in California in the *momentum age, Paul Roach changed the attitude of many with his pure speed and power he rode with. Many will be familiar with Roach from the No Friends videos but long before that he was hailed as one of the best in the world.

Roach's super aggressive dropknee style was easy to notice around the world. His patented tail throwing lead the way for his fellow standup friends to start pushing their own limits. You can actually find Roach on some of Taylor Steels older surfing movies mixing it up with Slater, Machado and Dorian.

In recent times Roach has taken on a more ambassador role in American bodyboarding and show his support to local contests and promotions. American based board company Cartel has shown their support and sponsored Roach and has a board model out under his name.

Paul Roach has shaped a whole new generation of dropknee riders and given them an identity to be proud of. Australian Matt Lackey has in recent times been filming with Paul for his DK movie, so keep an eye out for exclusive footage of the main man himself. In the meantime watch this epic roach footage. Oh and turn it up loud!

*Momentum age refers to Taylor Steels surfing movie which changed the state of American surfing in the early 90's.


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