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Ups and downs about being on Cloud Nine!

This trip didn't start like most surf trips we where checking the charts for a place that would have us wearing a 4/3 and a good hood.
A few days before we planned to leave I came to the conclusion that i would fall short a few G's for a trip like this!!

We were left lost and not really knowing what to do? Mark started to advertise on facebook anyone good and keen to do a trip with some coin to leave ASAP! To no avail.

Two days before we left Mark rang me and was going on about "I know where we can afford to go man", meaning I know where you can afford to go! "The Phillippines man it's super cheap and i hear there is a typhoon hitting there now!"

Three flights and a ferry ride later we were standing on that famous jetty. The surf was small and there was about 30 guys out, Super keen we jump in only to be drop in, snaked over and over again..

Got back to the place we were staying to find all the guys who burnt us and snaked us were staying in the same place and had to listen to them tell there mates how they where ripping! As I sat there trying to figure out what the hell we were doing in a surf camp full of surf camp heros?

The next morning was 6 foot light off shore and no surf camp heros to be seen.. As we hit the water there were only 3 other bodyboarders, You might recognise Kingy, Chase O'leary and Sam Strachan. We shared pumping Cloud Nine for five hours with no one else to be seen. Must not have been good enough for all the boys who were out the arvo before....

Turns out this would be the best surf we would get all trip. The rest of the time we would have to put up with getting burnt and snaked by all the guys who love telling people that they are a surfer!

If you have ever stayed in a surf camp you know the feeling and you might even know the fickle beast that is Cloud Nine!


Damien Martin

Water photos Mark Thompson (Stork)
Land Shots Jeremy Cresswell (Turtle)


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