Grass Roots Clubs PSBC Round 2

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PSBC Round 2. The conditions were SOLID with 4-6ft+ mega wedges all day. The A division was cut short due to conditions getting too heavy on Low tide. The day was filled with action from start to finish, every heat someone went big, proving the kids are going to a force to be reckoned with in the future. Enjoy.


A's =3place
Joel Kitcher
Chris Eddy
Liam P
Jayce A
Anthony Thurlow
Josh Jones
Kane Brewer
Jaden Carmody

1st Jayden Pobje
2nd Aaron Hingerty
3rd James Ryan
4th Sam Whitton

1st James Nymeyer
2nd Tahnee Sams
3rd Trent Hansen
4th Luke Stirton

Words courtesy of Luke Stirton.
Photos// Curtis Rejtano, Jacob Manton, Aaron Hingerty, Sam Whitton



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