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This week saw a big take-down for Damien Martin at one of his home breaks. Speaking to Damo after he had his CT scan was a relief in a sense, as much as finding out it's 'only' six broken vertebrae and there's no spinal chord damage, which was the major concern. Interestingly a later report said some of these may have already been damaged previously. It always takes time for all the diagnoses to be done. Another mate went to see him that evening and got there just as the painkillers were kicking into his guts, making him throw-up violently. these situations are just never pretty

Le Boogie have done a great write-up of the day, including a sweet but chilling gallery from Stork of the takedown wave, as well as shots prepping for the heli lift to RNS hospital. There's a graphic vid as well. Rather than repeat it all here, we'll point you to this link on the LB site and you can check it and leave Damo some wishes, should you be inclined to do so.

We wish Damo all the best in a speedy and strong recovery and look forward to seeing you throw those coconut sized nads over more reef ledges next winter man.

The photo attached is one of Damo at another of his home breaks, but a while back. Shot by Nick Bannehr who was on the scene on the day, it's reflective of Damo's style and how at home he is on pumping reefs.

We love you Damo, get better soon mate.

Photo// Bannehr

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