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Next in Fluidzone's "Tahitian Ten" series of interviews is Fred Temorere.
Fred is very known and respected amongst the Tahitian bodyboarders, as well as outside it, being backed by none other than Joel Taylor of
UNITE Clothing Co. So before we start with Fred's insightful words, I thought we'd check-in with Joel and see how he came on board with this Tahitian rider, who for the most part have been isolated from our major bodyboarding companies. this is despite doing some hugely progressive and stylish riding in waves that blow our minds....

Doc: There are some very progressive riders out there Joel, what caught your eye with Fred Temorere to the level you took him on as a sponsor?
Joel Taylor: To be honest, I didn't know much about Fred and Angelo [Faraire] other than from what I'd seen of them in the Tahiti clips that have come out over the past 12 months or so. Michel at 662 Ride Shop Tahiti mentioned that he was keen for us to hook them both up with some gear, I knew they ripped but I asked Nick [Ormerod] what he thought first ‘cause he'd been over there and surfed with them late last year. He basically said, "Both of them really impressed me, probably the two best guys there and both really popular. Go for it I reckon." That's all it took.

Doc: The Tahitians have been largely overlooked by major brands as far as sponsorship goes. Apart from having Fred and Angelo on your team individually, for other boog companies who may be looking to take riders on, what are the main attributes of riders from Tahiti as you see it?
JT: Tahitian bodyboarders seem to have a unique style that I think comes from their isolation, they don't seem to have as many outside influences like riders from Australia and other places. They're doing their own thing and creating their own style of shredding with huge boosts, new moves and big pits. They're all super nice guys too that are keen to progress the sport and their scene, which is never a bad thing. Having waves like Chopes in their backyard doesn't hurt either haha.

Doc: In your day, you are still recognised as one of the most progressive and fluent riders on the scene. In the spiel under the Fred and Angelo's clip on your blog you state "Given half a chance, they will be sure to challenge the top riders of our sport in years to come. Just wait and see." That is no small call from you. What is it about these riders that you see being able to take them as legit challengers to the current top level boys?
JT: Well, Fred and Angelo are both still really young and both have the talent to take it to the top guys, you only have to watch the clips to see that. They surf heavy waves how they should be ridden and that's what bodyboarding is all about. It's all about opportunity though, we can only do so much so hopefully other companies will see their potential and start hooking them up too.

We're always talking about progressing bodyboarding, clearly from Joel has to say , backing riders as progressive and with unique style like the Tahitians is one of th ways we can help this to happen.
Now let's talk to Fred Temorere and see what the lowdon in his world is.....

Hey Fred, You're from Papeete in Tahiti. Can you tell us a little about your town and the lifestyle there please?
FT : Hi Fluidzone, Tahiti is an amazing island. The people are very sociable. The life is pretty calm around here when there's no waves. The weather is nice pretty much year round.

Doc: Eric Schnitzler says you're not only pulling crazy moves, but hitting the next section with style. That's the sort of new-gen riding we want to see. On an ideal bowly wave, what would be your ideal move combo to pull?
FT : The perfect manouevre that I would like to pull would need a perfect bowl, it'd be a double backflip without a doubt. But I've yet to have that perfect bowl, I'm still searching for it.

Doc: When you're watching pro riders on the tour, what sort of thoughts go through your mind?
FT : What motivates me most, is to see are the pro riders exceed the limits. I think we, the Tahitians, have a chance to become well classified within the IBA tour. But, first we're going to need some more support via sponsors etc.

Doc: What's your favourite move to pull and why?
FT : My favorite manuever is the backflip, it's what I do mostly. I really try to make them look like PLC's style. I think a lot of others are starting to do this particular style as well.

Doc: The boys you ride with are taking bodyboarding in heavy waves to the next level with their skill and style. What are some of the things you see every day when it's pumping?
FT : Most of the time, my friends are more in it for pulling into heavy barrels, as only few actually try to hit it bigger ramps and even fewer try to land it. I surf Sapinus a lot more than Teahupoo. It's a crazy spot for air maneuvers when it's 10 foot plus.

Doc: You're concentrating on a strong education base at the moment, what are you studying?
FT: At the moment, I'm working as an accountant in small company. It's to help me make some cash to do some surf trips and hopefully do the PIPE next year.

Doc: In an email you wrote to me a while ago, you were saying you started surfing at 14yo and now you're 20 yo. Six years in the reefs of Tahiti is quite the growing experience. You also won the Tahiti open, can you tell us more about that competition?
FT : Yes, It's been 6 years since I started bodyboarding, I've got to know the spots pretty well in Tahiti. I won the Taapuna Master 2012 open division. The waves were about 3-4 ft and I managed to score pretty much 9 points on every wave throughout the competition. And then, in the final, against Niko Richard, I scored my first 10 pointer with a long barrel.

Doc: Where do you see your riding and bodyboarding career progressing to in the future?
FT : Thanks to my small job and my sponsors, I've been saving up to do part of the IBA the next year. At this moment, I've been training hard and pushing my limits.

Doc: Eric quotes you as "The next Young gun. A real PLC type kid". Doing all the "Withincasts", there's no doubting Eric's eye for ability. Are you working on any new moves? Also what are you looking for in your style when you get a big boost happening with lots of air to work with?
FT: I hope one day to become at least as good as PLC in bodyboarding. Yes, I work on new manoeuvres, like the double backflip and reverse-air-invert. But, what I really want to try, is the Invert-Gainer, it's a style without a doubt, already done by David Tuarau.

Thanks for your time Fred!
FT : No worries, thank you also for the interview. Yeeeew!!!

If you would like to see Fred's riding in podcast, note these timings and head to the links:
Episode 1: 3:20-3:38
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All shots courtesy Storkphotos


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