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CRONULLA (Saturday 15th July, 2012): The Emerald NSW Bodyboard State Titles Round 2 wrapped up today after a tough three day event in Cronulla, Sand Shoes reef break housed the finals with the open men's final a replay of round 1.
Harry Sarin (Bayview) opened up the final with an impressive 7.33, setting the tone for the main event. Round 1 winner Liam Glass answered back with a couple of solid scores along with Zach Self (Termeil), who was all over each set that come through.
Home turf advantage spurred Dane Woods on as he pulled out a big ARS half way through the final. Splitting the peak with Harry Sarin (Bayview), the tension was high as the memory of round 1 and Liam Glass winning, pushed Sarin searching for something more.
Sarin nailed one of the biggest waves of the day, the 8.57 solidified his lead and he carried it through to the final hooter as he won the Open men's final. Dane Woods placed 2nd, Liam Glass (3rd) and Zach Self in a close 4th.
Current Australian Women's champion Nicole Flemming was a dominant force in the open womens. Doubling her competitors scores in the early heats the title looked secure, but Nicole Boeree (Pacific Palms) came out of retirement for the event and gave her a run for her money.
The final scores were close and first time competitor Berni Hickey nailed a couple of barrels on her local break but it wasn't enough to take the title from the defending champion Flemming, who was crowned NSW Open Women's champion 2012 at Sand Shoes.
Junior divisions housed a number of outstanding competitors and the judges relished in watching the groms perform on the reef in such challenging conditions. Eugene Head-Toussaint won the Juniors with a massive 16.66 (out of a possible 20), with Kurt Gillian, Zach Self and Matt Guignon in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.
The Dunn brothers; Jacob and Flynn (Port Macqaurie) met in the semis in the groms, placing 1st and 2nd moving through to the final. Jacobs solid event performance was rewarded after winning every heat he competed in and taking 1st place in the final with his brother in 3rd, Anthony Thurlow (2nd) and Isaac Evans (4th).
The local competitors relished in the home break, Azza Glossop won the Drop Knee, Nicole Flemming 1st in Open Women's, Berni Hickey 3rd Open Women's, Matt Menzies placed 4th in the Masters, Dane Woods 2rd in the Open Men's and Henry Coleman placed 4th in the Cadets.
The Emerlad NSW Bodyboard state title is round 2 of the NSW titles, competitors scores are added to round 1 results and TEAM NSW will be deicded in the coming weeks for the Nationals in Kiama in November.
Round 2 of the Emerald NSW Bodyboard State Titles is supported by Emerald, Bodyboard NSW,Flipmode, Fluidzone, Sutherland Shire Council , Beach Burrito, Tradies, Westfield Miranda, VB, &Surfing NSW.
This is the 2nd event for the NSW 2012 Bodyboard State Titles. The National team will be a combination of the 2x events to form the team. For more information about the Emerald NSW Bodyboard State Titles Round 2 2012, contact Surfing NSW on 02 9349 7055 or email
Event schedule is subject to change at all times, please call the Event Hotline 0458 247 212 after 7:00am each day of event for confirmed daily running schedule and contest venue.
For Press releases, and photographs please contact Renee Miller: or follow us on facebook/snsw for the latest updates.

1st: Harry Sarin (Bayview)
2nd: Dane Woods (Cronulla)
3rd: Liam Glass (Ulladulla)
4th: Zach Self (Termeil)

1st: Nicole Flemming (Cronulla)
2nd: Nicole Boeree (Pacific Palms)
3rd: Berni Hickey (Cronulla)

1st: Azza Glossop (Cronulla)
2nd: Bryce Gardner (Bateau Bay)
3rd: Jason McCarthy (Barrack Heights)
4th: Thomas Donnelly (Forster)

1st: Greg Chambers (Mona Vale)
2nd: Paul Mace (Elermore Vale)

1st: Brendan Ryan (Woonona)
2nd: Danny Kaurinovic (Mona Vale)
3rd: Jon Capill (Port Macqaurie)
4th: Matt Menzies (Cronulla)

1st: Ali Kushruwan (Maldives)
2nd: Scott Arena
3rd: Adam Wright
4th: Adam Cheers (ForsterP

1st: Hugh Macphail (Mona Vale)
2nd: Joe Bourke (Cpacabana)
3rd: James Clarke (Termeil)
4th Henry Coleman (Caringbah)

1st: Jacob Dunn (Port Macqaurie)
2nd: Anthony Thurlow (Corlette)
3rd: Flynn Dunn (Port Macquarie)
4th: Isaac Evans (Port Macquarie)

1st: Eugene Heat (Narrabeen)
2nd: Kurt Gillian (Port Macquarie)
3rd: Zach Self (Termeil)
4th: Matt Guignon (Copacabana)

Youtube Clips:
Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

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Photos// Ali Khushruwan (Maldives), Greg Chambers (Mona Vale), Angus Hoskins (Newport) Azza Glossop (Cronulla), Berni Hickey (Sand Shoes), Dane Woods (Cronulla), Glen Sullivan (Cronulla), Jack Osborn Port Macquarie), Jon Capilli (Port Macquarie), Kurt Gillan Port Macquarie), Matt Menzies (Cronulla), Nicole Boeree (Pacific Palms), Nicole Flemming (Port Macquarie), Paul Mace (Elemore Vale), Harry Sarin (Bayview), Slade Napier (St Huberts Island), Thomas Donnelly (Forster), Zach Self (Termeil)


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