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Geoff Swan catches us up with fellow Tasmaniac Sam Thomas...

Swanny: So Sam Thomas. ASL? Is that what the kids still say??
ST: Hahaha I wish, maybe one day when I'm living in a shed on the beach with hair down to my knees and surfing points on an 8 foot mal. But yeah most people just call me Sammy or something

Swanny: Ummm what? doesn't it mean age, sex, location?
ST: haha. you got me. i thought ASL meant 'a surfing legend' I live in Taroona (the valley haha) in Tasmania, which is a little town just outta Hobart Im 17 years old

Swanny: You looking forward to turning 18?
ST: Haha yeah mobius(local nightclub) should be sick! I hope it lives up to the hype as I havent been able to score myself a fakey yet.

Swanny: You just got home from Bali yeah? how was it? Waves? Women? Men dressed as women?
ST: hahaha a bit of everything. Scored some epic surfs at Canggu, that place is crazy and Lacerations was sick too!
Couldnt find any chicks until the last night when there was this Night Party on, looked so sick!
But unfortunatly I didn't boil the water enough when I was making some MiGoreng noodles the previous day, scored my self some Bali belly which kept me bed ridden until the plane ride home!

Swanny: Haha! were you still rocking the full stingy booger meals in indo on the tuna and mi goring?
ST: yeah mi goreng for breakfast and lunch everyday, how could you go wrong? No tuna but my brother cohen scored some weird massages that left are minds boggling for hours..
The banana juices are amazing too!

Swanny: How is little coco, be sure to give him a pat on the head for me. How long have you been keen on riding the bigger and heavier stuff?
ST: I'll be sure to. Cohen says to keep it real champ.
Ever since this one day back when i was 15 in 2010 and I went to Shipsterns with my dad. When I got there it was definitely the biggest waves I had ever seen and i just had to get out there. when I paddled out I got talking to Brendo (Brenden Newton) he seemed like a legend and watching him ride these massive pits just got me so amped. I tried to get a couple and ended up air dropping into a pretty solid one and leaving teeth prints on my board. Later that day I gave Brendo a lift back to the airport and told me some epic big wave stories. From then on I was always keen to get to every shippy swell and always try to get a bigger one!

Swanny: Thats a good tale and even better Brendo was there too. PS do you know where he is hiding these days? Is he in Taroona teaching you kids how to scoop?
ST: Haha thats a good question! I have no idea. I have seen him at hinsby (Sam's local shorey) a couple times blowing minds!

Swanny: How do you feel out at the stern? are you comfortable sitting out in the lineup on a busy day?
ST: Eeez, nah I don't reckon. Every time you head down you always get the same nerves, almost like it's your first time again, although half of that is probaly the excitment you get because you could be getting one of the biggest pits you've ever had. As far as sitting in the lineup on a busy day comes, its pretty hectic trying to dodge jet skis.

Swanny: Thanks Sammy, finally what makes you happy?
ST: Haha what makes me happy, I reckon scoring sick waves with just yourself and a couple of mates out is one of the best things that Tassie has on offer and never fails to keep the stoke alive. I also don't mind a sick house party or some of the summer festivals down here during the warmer months

Swanny: What makes Sam Thomas angry?
ST: Hahaha when my car doesn't start cause its frozen over or just cooked. Computers. School and bad waves or missing good waves.

Check this clip os Sam as well

Photos// Nick Green


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