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Matty McArthur has a major project on his hands. A lot of this will be based around bodyboarding. There's more to be said, but until more of the redtape and paperwork is sorted, Matty is keeping the detail light. Good luck to you Matty, it's going to be a great project for our indigenous youth.

I (Matty McArthur)am the founder and CEO of a new organisation which will be called The ***** Youth Foundation our slogan for the foundation is:

" Sparking the minds, lighting the way for our future Generations"

"We will seek to inspire and motivate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth of Australia, to support and spark the creative minds of our indigenous youth to create positive change in our nation and for our future generations."

To provide support for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth through our scholarships, programs and initiatives so they can have the freedom to actively express themselves creatively through their desired dreams.

The Bright Youth Foundation, will strive to provide the support and the inspirational spark that our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander youth need. This will be through our programs and initiatives that will promote healthy and positive lifestyle choices, educational and inspirational outcomes. The Bright Youth Foundation will not only achieve these outcomes, it will create an organization that will not only support the expressive dreams of our indigenous youth, but will constantly portray a positive and influential image to the nation of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Photos// Michael McArthur


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