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Please meet another of the Tahitian chargers in our "Tahitian Ten" Interview series - Angelo Faraire

Doc: Your uncle, Timote Faraire, was actually the first person to surf Teahupoo, can you tell us more about Timote?
AF: He is known here under the nickname of "Camion" (truck). You can have a small idea of the kind of man he is! He has his own style when he surfs, he is very respected in Tahiti.

Doc: What do you think inspired Timote to go such a mean wave when it hadn't been ridden before? Is it something that you have in your head when you ride those big mean West ones that no one else wants?
AF: You don't really have any inspiration, it's just the feeling you have when you're in a big barrel. I've been surfing Teahupoo since I was 14 and when we see big barrels it seems like there is nothing else in our mind and we just want to go ride.

Doc: What did Timote ride and what sort of craft have you seen take on Teahupoo?
AF: Timote rides a 7" surf board, a gun. My uncle is crazy !!! In Teahupoo you can see all the type of craft (paddle, surf, bodyboard )

Doc: You were the only bloke to try and paddle into a wave on the CODE RED history making swell. Can you describe what it was like out there? It looked so eerie amongst those inhuman bombs.
AF: We were 2 in the water at the beginning, no jet-skis, no boats. I was a little bit scared but I wanted it and my willing to try it was stonger than the fear. The water was glassy, the waves were west, kind of "perfect" and really massive. I didn't realize how big the waves were so I just went on one... I didn't make it. Someone told me it was a 15ft wave. I lost my board, one fin, my clothes and that was just when I touched the water after the take off.

Doc: What was it like trying to stroke by human power into those phenomenal heaving slabs?
AF: After my wipeout out I realised, it was impossible that day ! Usually it's easy to get a wave by paddle if you know where to be on the spot ... good place good timing !

Doc: The stand-ups being towed in were wearing vests and other protective gear. What were you wearing?
AF:I just had my lycra on.

Doc: Any thought of the consequences if you managed to get on and were taken down under one of those behemoths?
AF: In Tahiti we always say, we left our brain at home (hahaha). No I never think of the consequences, if you think about it, it's better to stay at home, I know the danger but try not to have them in my mind, I just concentrate.

Doc: You're from Vairao in Tahiti. Can you tell us a little about the town and the environment you grew up in?
AF: It's a good place, life is easy and cool and I live with all of my family.

Doc: Eric Schnitzler has a keen eye and says you surf great manoeuvre wise. What are your fave moves?
AF: My favorite moves are the reverse air and the 360 air.

Doc: Have you tried David's Gainer Flip yet?
AF: Never, I don't like it ( hahaha )... It's too strong for the back. In Tahiti we call it, the WTF !!!

Doc: Eric also says you charge like a mad-man! Considering all the Tahitians do, what do you think makes you stand out in that department? (and much respect for that call, that is huge considering the company you keep Angelo)
AF: Hehe... Yeah there's a lot of chargers here. The only thing that makes us different is the riding style.

Doc: You have a really positive attitude. Where do you think this comes from and how important do you think it is to have a positive outlook on life?
AF: To have success in life, you have to be positive. I think that being positive makes you stronger and permits you to have a good way of thinking.

Doc: What is some of the most amazing riding you have seen around Tahiti?
AF: The CODE RED swell was the most amazing riding I have seen.

Doc: Do you have any sponsors or industry support Angelo?
AF: 662 ride shop Tahiti, UNITE clothing co. and recently TOYS bodyboards. I thank them for the support.

Doc: Eric gets some great shots and video of the Tahitians. Can you give us a description of Eric and how much impact so you think what he is doing is having on your local boys?
AF: Eric is someone very respectful and strongly believes in the potential of the Tahitian riders. Thanks to his job, the Tahitian bodyboarders have opportunity to be put on the map.

Doc: Who would you like to give a shout out to Angelo?
AF:First of all, i would like to thank my uncle Timote who pushed me all these years. Also my familly and once again, big up to my sponsors. MANGE " ( hahahaha )

Thank you very much for your time Angelo. Ia Orana

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Photos// Seth De Roulet & David Tuarau (fisheye)


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